Fish Spawn Rearing Kit

Fish Spawn Rearing Kit 

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Spawn Rearing Kit  $13.95
Extra 4" Top Sponge  $5.25
Extra 6" Bottom Sponge  $8.75
Extra 9.5" Lift Tube  $0.75

These kits require a one gallon wide-mouth jar, which is not included.  If you are having trouble getting spawns to free-swim properly, you may want to give one of these a try.  There are people using these not only for angelfish, but for pleco eggs, eggs from mouthbrooders and other aquarium fish. 

One Gallon Glass Jar

One Gallon Glass Jar 

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One Gallon Glass Jar  $6.95

The Spawn Rearing Kit is not included. These jars have many uses in a fish-room. They are used for our Spawn Rearing Kit. We also have two jars on hand for every spawn we hatch where we're not using the Spawn Rearing Kit. One to hatch the spawn in and one to age water for 24 hours. We then use this aged water to change water on the jar with the slate. Many aquarists use glass jars to hatch their brine shrimp eggs and to culture things like micro-worms, infusoria or vinegar eels. We use dozens of these on a daily basis.

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A Tip from one of our Customers: He cut a small slit in the top foam piece and inserted a short 3" section of 1/2" PVC to use as a feeding hole or an easy place to add the wigglers or small snails after the fry free-swim. Just make sure the pipe sticks out above the water line.

Spawn Rearing Kit Top

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Works great. I tried making it myself, but couldn'tget it to work. The foam has to be very round or the fry get trapped and die. I couldn't get it close enough to round on my own.
Hank Rich, Wed Jun 07, 2017
This was wonderful! 24 hours after my Angelfish laid their eggs in a community tank (which I had to divide a little bit temporarily), I removed the eggs and placed them into this rearing jar and then into a 10gal which as cycled with a filter that I had taken from my big tank. 5 days later I had swimmers. I left them in there for a few days and then released them into the 10G. Easy Transition!
Angelica Bergman, Sun Jun 12, 2016
Just used it for the first time.It was so easy to set-up and I see hundreds of free swimmers and no dead ones.I highly recommend this product.If you make it yourself,I would order the custom fit filters and lift tube here.
Robert Barbella, Sun May 03, 2015
I agree this is a great technique.We move our wigglers in these and the survival rate is 100 percent.
barb, Sat Jan 24, 2015
I just wanted to say how amazing I am by your spawn rearing kit. I’ve been breeding and raising angelfish for almost 40 years (on and off) and never had any trouble raising the babies, except with Albinos. I’ve never been able to get a batch of babies to get to the free swimming stage and eat…..Until now. First time I used this thing the baby albino (blushing) are up swimming and eating.
Richard Pitzeruse, Tue Nov 25, 2014
All these years I've been missing out on the best way to raise fry. These things are amazing.
Patrick Langworthy, Thu Aug 28, 2014
These spawn rearing kits are excellent.

But these guys don't just provide products, they provide a service!

The articles and information on this site are a truly valuable
resource, from which I have learned a great deal and now have a
healthy and productive angelfish breeding program. As for the
products, I haven't found a better value anywhere for anything they offer. Thank you!
Justin Silverman, Thu Apr 03, 2014
This is an ingenious creation. I struggled to raise fry for months until I tried one of these and I then successfully raised my very next spawn.
James Richardson, Sun Sep 08, 2013
I've got two of these kits going right now, and can't imagine a better way of raising angels. It's ingenious and the tip on using the PVC as a feeding hole makes it even better.
James Wood, Wed Jul 24, 2013