Fish cannot be shipped with Products.  We have a separate shopping cart for fish and another for supply orders.  We will not compromise the safety of the fish  by trying to put a product in the same box.  Besides, at the cost of Overnight, it's much less expensive to ship them separately most of the time.

Our minimum fish order is $40.00.

We never ship an order without confirming your availability to receive them on the expected day of arrival.  When choosing the shipping option 'Overnight', it does not mean you will receive the fish the day after the order is placed. Fish have to be fasted (not fed) before shipping, weather has to be appropriate, arrangements have to be made and there has to be an opening in our packing schedule for your order. All this can take 24-48 hours or longer before we even prepare your fish for shipping. We ship Monday through Thursday. You receive them the following day.  If you want a Friday delivery, and UPS is late, then you don't get them until Monday. That is at your risk.  When you choose 'Overnight', it means you will get the fish the day after we ship.  It does NOT mean that you receive them the day after you order.  The same concept also applies to the other shipping options.