Aquarium Water Pumps

Sen Submersible Water Pumps

Aquarium Water Pumps

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Sen 550 Pump  $41.95
Sen P2600 Pump  $127.75
    Impeller for Sen P2600 Pump  $39.95

These versatile pumps can be used in-line or as a submersible, in fresh or saltwater, and they're silent. Great for ponds, aquariums, filter systems, skimmers, fountains, water falls and water change systems. The small pumps (Mini and Mid) are suitable for running sponge filters and other applications for low-volume pumps.

Smaller Sen Water Pumps

Aquarium Sen Water Pumps

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Sen Mini 55 Pump  $10.95
Sen 75GA Pump  $12.95


Otto Pond Pumps

Otto Pond Pumps

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Otto FP-600 Pump  $12.95
Otto FP-1200 Pump  $32.95
Otto FP-2000 Pump  $39.95

You can run fountains in a pond or use them as a submersible aquarium pump. They have a very long electrical cord, which is beneficial for most pond situations. They come with a fountain head. FP600 (10"cord) 200 gph FP1200 (33' cord) 300 gph FP2000 (33' cord) 500 gph

Otto Powerheads

Otto Powerheads

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Otto PH-200 Powerhead  $9.95
Otto PH-800 Powerhead  $14.95

Otto Powerheads are submersible, have 360 degree direction and venturi attachment.

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Specification for Sen Pumps
  • Mini 55 - - 55 gph, 3 watts, 1' 3" max head, 6' cord.
  • Mid 75 - 75 gph, 5 watts, 2' 2" max head, 6' cord.
  • 350 - 370 gph, 20 watts, 6' 3" max head, 6' cord.
  • 550 - 550 gph, 40 watts, 8' 6" max head, 6' cord.
  • 900 - 900 gph, 98 watts, 17' max head, 14' cord.
  • P-2600 - 2600 gph, 225 watts, 14' max head, 20' cord.
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The Sen 350 I just got is a good value. It really puts out a lot of water for the price.
R Schmidt, Wed Dec 09, 2015
Works great. lots of movement and air. I have it attached to my ungdergravel filter.
dean bush, Tue Mar 11, 2014