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Micro Feed is for small fry that cannot yet eat baby brine shrimp or as a supplement for those who can. High in protein and fat that fry must have. 100-150 microns. Micro-encapsulated, so it does not decay as fast as other powdered foods. Min Protein 52%; Min Fat 12%

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2 oz Micro Feed  $5.25
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Spirulina algae, organically grown and it is not Irradiated. This is practically a miracle fish food. Diets that consist of as little as 2-3% spirulina, have resulted in significant benefits. Spirulina has more carotenoids than any other whole food and is an excellent source of many other vitamins and minerals.  It is approximately 60% complete digestible protein containing every essential amino acid.  It is also loaded with chlorophyll and important enzymes.

 Fish show substantially better growth rates, increased fry survival, improved overall health and better coloration. It also strengthens the immune system.  Its worth any effort to make sure this is part of your fish's diet. There are many uses for this food. It can be added to homemade paste foods to increase nutrition. Also, great for feeding to artemia before harvesting. We use it to gut-load micro worms and white worms before feeding them to fish.

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4 oz Spirulina Powder  $6.75
8 oz Spirulina Powder   $12.25

Krill Meal: Krill is a natural color enhancer that is very high in proteins and fats needed for fast growth and high egg production with breeders. This meal is a larger grind than powder, but still small enough for older fry and great for adding to paste foods. Min. Protein - 55%, Min. Fat - 12%

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4 oz Krill Powder  $6.75
8 oz Krill Powder   $11.75
1 lb Krill Powder   $21.75

Gelatin: Used to hold paste foods together. Gelatin is largely protein, though most of it is unutilized during digestion.

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8 oz Gelatin  $7.25

DiCalcium Phosphate: (CaHpo4/CaH4(PO4)2) Most homemade fish foods lack a very important component - calcium. It's essential for proper growth, and fin structure, among other vital processes. This feed additive takes care of that deficiency. It also adds phosphorus to the diet which works in combination with the calcium. Add it at approximately 2% by weight to your formula. For example, 10 lbs of paste food would take 3-4 oz of this additive. If feeding snails, you may want to go to 4% for the best shell growth. Phosphorus - 18.5 % min; Calcium - 20% min, 24% max.; Fluorine - 1850 ppm max.

DiCalcium Phosphate

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4 oz DiCalcium Phosphate  $1.95

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Powdered foods can be added to paste foods or put directly into the water with fry.

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Your microfeed works the best of all foods I've tried for raising my bettas.
Jesse Bliven, Tue Aug 26, 2014