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Spirulina+ (Now with Garlic added) Spirulina is an excellent source of plant nutrition for your fish. But a fish flake with too much will repel many fish with its strong taste. Very few fish species are pure vegetarians and most need a mix of proteins and fats to do well. Our premium Spirulina Fish Flake has just the right amount of spirulina in it to give the average tropical fish all the benefits while still being very palatable. We have the perfect fish flake formula for your plant-loving fish!

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Ingredients and Analysis

Analysis: Min. Protein - 45%, Min. Fat - 14%, Max. Fiber - 3%, Max Moisture - 4.5% Spray Dried Salmon, Dried Yeast, Soy Flour, Dried Spirulina Algae, Wheat, Oat and Gluten Flours, Shrimp Meal, Plankton Meal, Dried Kelp, Fish Oil, Lecithin, Dried Krill, Vitamin and minerals, No Preservatives.

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My cichlid love this stuff. I started with giving my cichlid a big box store brand my fish kept her bloat. I looked n the internet and it said to feed them frozen boiled and peeled peas. Well, that worked. The work wasn't worth it, it took hours to peel peas. This food is so much easier and all my other fish cats, rasps, angels all love it.
Robin P, Mon Apr 17, 2017
This is the best all-around flake on the market. I have used this flake for bristlenose,new and old world cichlids and my reef tank fish for many years.
chuck fittz, Sat Mar 08, 2014