Wild-cross Silver Angelfish

75% Wildcross Silver

The pair that produced these, had a gold gene, so a small percentage are wild-cross golds (we're only selling the silvers.

75% Wild-cross Silver (Size: Q )

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The photo below is a 100% wild Peruvian. This is what we use in these crosses.

Peruvian scalare

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Best silvers that I have seen. Very healthy and shipped right. My second shipment of fish and very happy with both.
Gary Drumgoole, Fri Apr 14, 2017
Top quality fish. I was so pleased I placed a second order within a few weeks of my first order.
Dan Rank, Tue Feb 07, 2017
Received the wild-cross silvers a couple days ago. Best silvers ever. Seriously. Great body shape! Great fins...moon-shape ventrals. Great definition of bars. The bit of color of wilds on dorsal fin and upper body. And very nice behavior...lively and curious. Thanks! I ordered a couple more to complete my 65g bio-tank.
Jim Stodola, Sat Nov 05, 2016
I received the wild-cross silvers this morning. They have been acclimated and are now in my first attempt at an Amazon tributary tank. Wow! Great body shape! Great fin shape (the ventral fins are a very nice moon shape and other fins are very full and healthy). They are still a bit shy and getting to know the tank, but already showing great color. Best silvers I have seen!
Jim S., Thu Nov 03, 2016
I wanted Silvers, and these are the best I've ever seen. I should have got more.
Jason Barlow, Fri Aug 08, 2014
These wildcross silvers with the albino gene have the nicest fins of any angelfish I have ever seen. Thanks for such great fish!
L Schaeffer, Tue Aug 05, 2014