Peruvian Wild-Type Angelfish

Small Wild Peruvian Angelfish Small Wild Peruvian Angelfish Adult Wild Peruvian Angelfish Adult Wild Peruvian Angelfish
Adult Wild Peruvian Angelfish Adult Wild Peruvian Angelfish Adult Wild Peruvian Angelfish Juvenile Wild Peruvian Angelfish
Nany River Angelfish

100% Wild F3  (Size: XL) $25.75

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The photo below is a 100% wild Peruvian. This is what we use in these crosses.

Peruvian scalare

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The peru wilds you sent me are amazing fish! Thanks so much.
Pat Stevens, Thu Jul 06, 2017
I bought 6 last year. They have grown out and have blue highlights on the gills. Beautiful fish, although not quire as colorful as the pictures. Recently had the first batch of fry.
Susan, Thu Sep 17, 2015
Fantastic fish! Thanks so much!
Richard Strieber, Fri Jun 05, 2015
All I can say is WOW! This is my first time ever raising a wild type angel and I'm thoroughly impressed with the Peruvian. Absolutely perfect fins, extremely healthy, and stunning to admire. Thank you!
Jay Stueve, Sat May 09, 2015
Spectacular fish! These Peru Wilds are the best tank raised wilds you can get. I ordered two batches. All are the best!
Wencui Yang, Thu Feb 05, 2015
ThesPeruvian you sent are fantastic fish. Just what I was hoping to find. And Tanks for the extra one.
John Bachman, Fri Nov 14, 2014
I got some of these last year when they were available. They turned into amazing adults. Exactly what I was hoping for!
Ray Kosa, Wed Nov 06, 2013