Wholesale Tropical Fish

On occasion we will have some wholesale fish available. Price varies by size and variety and is constantly changing.  Email us to see what's on hand and the price at that time.

If we are shipping to a location in New York State, you will have to fax or email a copy of NYS Resale certificate Form ST-120. If you are out of state, we need a copy of your business license.

Typically juveniles (nickel to quarter size bodies) are from $1.50 - $3.50 each. Mediums ( 50 cent - silver dollar bodies) range from $3.50 - $10.00 and Large (over silver dollar bodies) are from $6.00-$15.00. The range takes into consideration how nice the fish are and the variety.  For really colorful Koi, the price can be much higher than the above prices.   As example, Silver, Golds, Marbles will tend towards the lower side and Koi, Black, Albino, and Blue-types will be near or over the higher side.

Minimum order must fill or nearly fill one large styro.  For example, we might get 200 juveniles into this box. 70-80 medium will usually fill it or up to 30-35 large.

We ship by UPS Ground if you are close enough for next day delivery and when the weather is good, 2nd Day.