Koi Pearlscale Angelfish

Koi Pearlscale Angelfish

Medium Koi Pearlscale (Size: SD+) $23.75, add $3 for veil

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Koi Pearlscale It is sometimes difficult to capture the pearling on a blushing angelfish. Only certain parts of the body are shiny enough to show the reflection and the fish has to be at the correct angle to the light source. They really are very attractive with the tri-color and pearling. These will breed true.

As Koi age, the color tends to get more intense and the coverage of orange tends to decrease a bit. Environment affects the color greatly, so avoid any type of stress if you want to keep the color at it's best.

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Expert Koi breeder, Dave Hlasnick (Read Dave's story, "In Search of The Red Angelfish"), is now part of the Angels Plus staff. Steve and Dave started their Koi projects at almost the same time in the late 70's and are now cooperating on a project to more rapidly achieve the goal of better colored Koi angelfish. The best of Dave's lines has been paired with the most colorful of Steve's lines. Out of many pairs, one was found to produce superior offspring. They had greater coverage, more intensity and higher percentages of top fish in each spawn. We have now bred these for a few generations and have consistently produced the best Koi we have ever seen.

We are now selling this cross exclusively! Although we'll maintain other lines to use for outcrosses, this will be our primary line. Why? Because they're that good!

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Hello I just want to say that the Classic koi anglefish are doing excellent and glad that I made the purchase , the colors on them are bright orange , white and some black color to it , pretty anglefish , I am looking forward for them to grow more and see more color on them , thanks.
Michelle Perusse, Sat Oct 20, 2018
Beautiful! Can't wait for them to grow bigger so the pearlscale really stands out. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Tana Buss, Wed Oct 04, 2017
I couldn't afford your most colorful and I'm happy about it. The classics you sent are stunning! I love the 3 colors with the orange still being very bright and extensive. In fact, these have more orange than some I've bought from other breeders who sent me what was supposed to be their most orange fish. I'll be ordering again soon.
C Mitchell, Wed Sep 04, 2013