Premium Koi Angelfish

Koi male Angelfish Koi male Angelfish Koi male Angelfish Koi male Angelfish Koi male Angelfish

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std fin $19.75

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Our Premium level has a high percentage of orange.  There is no more than 20%-50% white on these.

As Koi age, the color tends to get more intense and the coverage of orange tends to decrease a bit. Environment affects the color greatly, so avoid any type of stress if you want to keep the color at it's best.

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This is our mid-level color line.

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The premiums you sent were just fantastic. Now I'm wondering if I should get some selects. Not sure how they could be better, but I just might have to find out :)
G Prince, Mon Sep 24, 2018
Angels Plus people are true professionals ! Fish are Great !
William Hewit, Tue Mar 28, 2017
Fish are great! Excellent packaging, safe & warm. Will be buying more form you. 70 years in tropical fish raising. George in POCONO MT'S, PA.
George Boyce, Fri Mar 17, 2017
I received my order of premium koi angelfish last week and all are doing well. They even sent an extra one. The angelfish were larger than expected and absolutely gorgeous. I will not hesitate to order again.
Wyatt Authement, Thu Feb 23, 2017
The koi arrived. They are beautiful. The colors are more intense then I was expecting. The size is exactly what I anticipated. They are very healthy and their fins are in great shape. I have a few koi angels with very nice color purchased from a highly reputable & conscientious local aquarist. Still, these are on a whole other level! Again, very beautiful. Thanks.
James , Wed Oct 05, 2016
Got my koi angels beautiful color and healthy,will be back for more. Love them!!
Vlada Joseph , Thu May 19, 2016
Steve, the angels are amazing! I had high expectations and you exceeded them. They are already act like they have been living in my tank for years. I can't wait to order more.
Frank, Thu Mar 31, 2016
Fish arrived alive at 10:57 Pacific time. Your packing was amazing. Certainly took care of my concerns with temperature even though it is in the low 40's and the UPS truck was not heated.
All are in receiving tank now. Buzzing around like they have been there for ever. Colors amazing. Thanks Steve.
J J Smith, Sun Jan 10, 2016
Simply the best.Never a bad fin.shapes are perfect, and the service is always honest and courteous which is a very rare thing these days. Thank you Steve for the excellent fish,supplies, and service. Look forward to another order very soon.
Michael Coats, Wed Dec 16, 2015
2nd order from Angels Plus (Select and Premium Koi angels): quality - stellar!, shipping - fast and secure!, communication - speedy and courteous!
You will NOT find better quality Koi Angels anywhere else on planet earth!!
Thank you Steve for the "angels from earth" (Olean, NY that is!)
Geoff Thompson, Thu Jul 16, 2015
I purchased two premium medium sized koi veiled angels. They arrived today, and they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have other koi angels from a different breeder, and they pale in comparison to these!!! The colors are vibrant and their fins are long and elegant!!! I am very pleased!!!
Tamra Griffith, Tue Jul 07, 2015
Hi Guys - Just wanted to report back to you regarding my shipment of Koi Angels last week. Package arrived without complications; I'm sure your recommendation to pick them up at the terminal drastically reduced theƂ stress. The acclimation progress also when well, they seem to adjust almost immediately once they were released. The fish are spectacular, I was really taken back when I lifted them out of the box. I couldn't be more pleased and as you can see by the video they look pretty happy. Whoever stuck an extra Angel in my bag, well, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much, it's a gesture I won't forget! You guys are the best, so glad I came across your website.
Robert Ferraro, Thu Nov 06, 2014
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