Halfblack Yellow Guppies

3 month old HalfBlack Yellow Guppies
Photo and video are 4 month old gups.  

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Pair (3-6 months old)  $22.95
Trio (3-6 months old)  $40.95

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We have a couple lines, one for bright color and one for large size. We are crossing these with good success.  They are placing in IFGA shows.

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We love your quality of fishies and play with them every day.
Elisabeth Zarbo, Thu Oct 05, 2017
I Love my Guppies, I love the color and the size of them. I also liked the way they were packed.
Don Middaugh, Wed Feb 24, 2016
I received my halfblack pastel guppies in the mail 3 weeks ago in excellent health. They are beautiful in appearance and quite unique. Their fins and coloring are ecceptional. All are thriving beautifully!
Mary Nowell, Fri Feb 05, 2016
The HB yellows are stunning! I don't realize how good they were until I read Philip Shaddock's Guppy genetics series. I have shown dogs and cats, but now I may start showing guppies with this head start. Roger Brown, DVM
Roger, Sun May 10, 2015
I've ordered lots of hb yellows and these r the best I've ever received. Thanks for the extra.
Chad Grzankowski, Wed Sep 03, 2014
These are the best I've ever received. Thanks for sending such nice ones!
Michael Padden, Wed Feb 05, 2014
Excellent guppies arrived in perfect condition. These are the best half-black yellows that I have seen. Kudos!
CHRIS MARSHALL, Sat Oct 12, 2013