Red Delta Guppies

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Full Red Guppies - 3 months old
Some of the current stock.

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Pair (3-6 months old)  $18.95
Trio (3-6 months old)  $34.95

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The only thing lacking on these males is a little body size. We've gotten them almost back to where they should be.

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Steve, what beautiful red guppies and what a joy it is to do business with you. Everything is at such a high degree of professionalism, from the breeding to shipping.
Ken Mayberger, Fri Feb 10, 2017
Out of all four colored pairs of Guppies I bought these are my favorite. Great color!
Don Middaugh, Wed Feb 24, 2016
I received 2 pairs of these stunning prolific beauties 3 weeks ago in excellant health. Their red color and the males fins are a beautiful addition to my 10 gallon fancy guppy aquarium.
Mary Nowell, Fri Feb 05, 2016
The reddest fish I have ever seen and very healthy. Thanks for the extras.
Darin, Wed Oct 29, 2014
Just love the reds yo sent me. I've never seen females so large!
Alicia Coleman, Tue Aug 26, 2014
Fantastic gups! Thanks for sending such great fish.
T Murphy, Tue Aug 12, 2014
My pairs came in packed very well and in great shape. Beautiful fish. Thanks
Jay Jaetzold, Thu Oct 24, 2013
These have turned out to be some of the nicest guppies I've ever kept. Bright red and producing more babies than I know what to do with.
A. Donahue, Fri Sep 13, 2013
After 3 months i'm over run with these. They are beautiful.
Don Kohl, Mon Aug 12, 2013