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Halfblack Leopard (AOC)

HB Leopard guppy

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Red Guppy Strains

Red Guppy

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Blue Guppy Strains

Albino Guppy

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Halfback Yellow Guppy

Halfblack Yellow guppy

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Black Guppy Strains

Black Guppy

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In general, we like to breed to the IFGA Show Standard. We strive to produce guppies that are large and very prolific. We encourage everyone who has the time, to participate in IFGA shows. It can be a lot of fun and the IFGA members are great people. We seldom have time to show our fish in IFGA shows, but we still put in the effort to produce the best fish possible. On the plus side, this means we don't mind selling our top stock, since we actually like it if someone does well in a show with it.