Blue Eyed Bristlenose Ancistrus

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Blue-Eye Bristlenose have been difficult to breed in the past.  They were very inbred, weak and slow growing.  Therefore, we made it a project to out-cross them to improve vigor.  We first crossed them into some nice Reds.  The resulting brown offspring were then crossed back to Blue Eye, resulting in 50% of the next generation to be very nice, vigorous Blue Eyes.  These are what we are selling now - a definite step up from most of the stock you will find out there.  It took a few years to get the Blue Eye back, but it was well worth it.

Pair of Blue-Eyed Bristlenose

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Pair Blue Eyed Bristlenose

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The video shows a longfin female, but the pairs being sold, both look like the standard male. However, these were outcrossed to red bristlenose and then bred for two generations to get the true-looking blue-eyes. They are stronger than the average stock of blue-eyes, which tend to be weak. These are very strong, vigorous fish.

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These are cave-spawners. If given a tank to themselves and ample food, they are fairly easy to breed. Males can be aggressive towards each other, so one breeding pair per tank is best. They are not vegetarians. They are omnivorous and need plenty of protein in their diet. We start them on algae wafers and our Fry Starter formulas. They also love to chew on driftwood, making it a good idea to include some in their tank.

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