U.V. Aquarium Filter

U.V. Aquarium Filter

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 UVS-11   $69.95

The UVS-11 is an incredible value. It has a high quality quartz sleeve, an 11 watt PL type lamp, 10' power cord and an elliptical lens to check the UV lamp status.

It can handle a 75 gallon aquarium, giving out 30,000 pw/cm2 with tank turnover of 3 to 4 times per hour.

A flow rate of 75-100 GPH will kill most parasites. 225-300 gph will kill bacteria and algae. The lamp will last 6 months to a year if run continuously - longer if used intermittently.  The pump to run water through the U.V. sells separately.  We sell high quality aquarium water pumps suitable for this application.

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UV Sterilizers are useful for eliminating bacteria, viruses, algae and parasites in the water column. More importantly, they reduce oxidizers and free radicals in the water, thus improving the redox potential of water (a very good thing). There is probably no easier way to improve the living conditions of an aquarium, allowing you to keep more fish per gallon and keep them healthier.

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