Angelfish Proven Breeding Pairs

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2204

sold 1/18

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2205

sold 1/13

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2203

sold 12/18

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2195

sold 12/16

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2201

sold 12/13

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2199

sold 12/4

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2198

sold 12/4

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2197

sold 12/3

Koi/Black Splash Pair

Koi Pair #2194

sold 11/29

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2196

sold 11/15

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2192


Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2188

sold 11/8

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2193

sold 11/7

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2191

sold 11/2

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2190

sold 10/25

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2189

sold 10/23

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2186

sold 10/12

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #3002

sold 10/07

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2183

sold 10/01

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2185

sold 9/28

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I've been buying pairs from angelplus for quite awhile now. Every one has been a great specimen and they have produced many fry fish. My latest koi was the best yet.
B Pilarski, Sat Sep 23, 2017
The koi angels are gorgeous! They are prettier and bigger than I expected from the photos! Best I have ever seen! The black, half black, and platinums are also great fish! They arrived healthy and perky, exploring the new tank. This is the only place I would buy angels!!!
Roberta Arsenault, Wed May 10, 2017
Purchased Angels and supplies numerous times,
Have never been disappointed.

Received an Outstanding Koi pair with excellent color.!!! Professionally packed
and shipped.

Steve is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful
And a gentleman to top it off.

Buy with confidence!!! You won't be disappointed.
Jeff Sweeney, Mon Apr 24, 2017
Purchased a Koi pair and they came in great condition. Nice fins, excellent color. Very pleased.
Dan Rank, Tue Feb 07, 2017
Amazing Koi Pair! couldn't be more happy with my purchase. I have been using your breeding flakes 2 times a day along with blood worms and in just about 2 1/2 weeks have a first spawn of over 600 eggs. So Happy and will be ordering again soon.
Jeff Apple, Sun May 22, 2016
bought a few pairs and I must say the best there is and it was no time I got my kois to spawn now with wigglers cant be no happier steve thanks your the best
chris Troutman, Wed Mar 16, 2016
Received my breeding pair of red kois in perfect condition. Took them a few weeks to adjust but are busy laying eggs as I type this. Definitely going to come back and buy more in the future. Thanks for the amazing fish.
Fisher Bray, Mon Nov 09, 2015
I am very happy with my angelfish pair. Excellent quality, beatifull color and healthy fishes.Thank you Steve!
Wilhelm Arce, Wed Jul 08, 2015
The wild cross pair I received is excellent. The beautiful fins are only surpassed by the amazing colors. I've never owned healthier fish either.
Ray Ozzella, Mon Nov 24, 2014
I was really really pleased with my fish order of black angels and albino angels. I was surprise to see how big the fish were. They was beautiful! Thanks for my gift (smile)
Robert Logan, Thu Mar 20, 2014
The streaked black blushing pair are magnificient! This is the second breeding pair I have purchased - I continue to be amazed at the quality.
Ron Burch, Tue Oct 15, 2013
I thought the color on the koi pair you sent was great on the computer, but it is far better in real life! Thanks for the great pair.
James Engel, Mon Sep 23, 2013
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