Wild-cross Swordtails

Neon & Red Brick SwordtailsNeon and Red Brick

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Red Swordtail Pair $12.95
Red Swordtail Pair w/ one Hi-Fin $21.95

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Red Brick Swordtail Pair w/one Hi-Fin $19.95

Neon Swordtail Pair $9.95
Neon Swordtail Pair w/one Hi-Fin $19.95

Homozygous Hi-fin is lethal, so you want hi-fins, you should breed hi-fin to standard fin. This will result in 50% of each fin type, and you will have more fry in each drop.

We are three years into this project.  The goal was to increase size and vigor in domestic swords.  (see project outline in our Blog).  We crossed 2 wild species into a domestic line and then separated the offspring into various strains by color. We then selectively bred for size and traits that we like and  have been amazed at the size we are obtaining at this stage. By far the largest adult swordtails we've ever seen - simply magnificent fish.   The fish in the above video are about 4 months old and no where near full grown.  These fish may carry other genes, like hi-fin, various albino combinations,  patterns like Koi, Neon, Green, White and maybe even others.

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