Wild-cross Black Lace Angelfish

The above videos shows some of the actual fish for sale.

50% Wild-cross Black Lace

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Large Veil - $19.75

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These are 50% wild Peruvian scalare. They will produce 25% Wildcross Silver and 25% Wildcross Double Darks.  These may contain a single Albino gene, so a percentage of their offspring might be Albino. There is also a possibility of some pearlscales being produced.

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The photo below is a 100% wild Peruvian. This is what we use in these crosses.

Peruvian scalare

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I didn't realize these would be so perfect. I'm going to have to try more of your wild crosses. Thankyou,
M Anderson, Thu Jul 06, 2017
Best veils I've ever seen. Thanks so much.
William Hewit, Tue Mar 28, 2017
Wild-Cross Black Lace Angels Standard Fins arrived. Acclimated. And in tank. Beautiful. Great smokey color with well defined black stripes. Bllue comes through on face and around gill plates. Amazing fins. Amazing filaments coming off caudal fins. Very long, moon-shaped ventrals with a light blue hue. Could not be more satisfied! Thanks.
J. Stodola, Thu Mar 09, 2017
The paid consultation is worth its weight in gold. Steve patiently answered all my dumb newbie questions both on the phone and via email. Since I can only have four fish I chose two Koi, a Silver and a Black Lace. They acclimated easily following Steve's detailed instructions. I think I'm going to have success at last! Thanks Steve!
Elena Elks, Tue Aug 16, 2016
You need to update your pics, since the fish I just got from you are way nicer than this page shows. I'm real impressed.
J. Wiatrowski, Wed Jun 04, 2014
Recieved my Large Angle today in great shape.
Packed very well. A good looking Male that I can not wait to pair up with one of my females Smokeys.
Jay Jaetzold, Thu Oct 24, 2013
Awesome Fish!
Joey Stancavage, Sat Aug 17, 2013