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Our Selects have the most coverage of orange on all our Koi.  They will have 15% or less white on them.

As Koi age, the color tends to get more intense and the coverage of orange tends to decrease a bit. Environment affects the color greatly, so avoid any type of stress if you want to keep the color at it's best.

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Expert Koi breeder, Dave Hlasnick (Read Dave's story, "In Search of The Red Angelfish"), is now part of the Angels Plus staff. Steve and Dave started their Koi projects at almost the same time in the late 70's and are now cooperating on a project to more rapidly achieve the goal of better colored Koi angelfish. The best of Dave's lines has been paired with the most colorful of Steve's lines. Out of many pairs, one was found to produce superior offspring. They had greater coverage, more intensity and higher percentages of top fish in each spawn. We have now bred these for a few generations and have consistently produced the best Koi we have ever seen.

We are now selling this cross exclusively! Although we'll maintain other lines to use for outcrosses, this will be our primary line. Why? Because they're that good!

Please carefully read the information at each of the following links so you understand the shipping choices and procedures.

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I purchased 2 hr koi and 2 rusty blue koi I have a pair that are laying eggs. I was wondering if I chose to raise the fry what would the offspring from an hr koi and a rusty blue koi would look like? Also wanted to say these are AMAZING fish. Color, fins health are great. I did not plan to breed but these are so beautiful I just might. As luck would have it I ended up with 2 pairs out of the 4 fish I purchased. I have never ordered fish online before but after scouring all the pet stores in my area at (least a 25 mile radius) and finding nothing but poor quality angelfish I started searching online and decided to purchase from you guys. I could not be happier. It would be great if you could expand your stock to include German blue rams. My other favorite. Cant seem to find any of those worth buying in my area either. Please feel free to use this email in your reviews as I feel these are 10 star fish not just 5.
Brian Cochrane, Thu Mar 23, 2017
Received two XL Rusty Blue Koi just two days ago. Beautiful fish. Great service fish arrived in good condition.
Ralph Taylor, Sat Feb 11, 2017
The color is worth the price. I've purchased Koi from other breeders and they were yellow. These fish are bright orange, just like the pictures. They have straight fins and good body shape too.
Dan Rank, Tue Feb 07, 2017
I have to say thank you for providing such high quality fish. I paid for 5 HD/SD select koi and received 5 complaint free beauty's. you will get a fish that looks similar to the picture, no bait and switch going on here. I have had bad experiences with other manic sites sending fish that should have been culled, sending $10 feeder fish! That will not be your experience with angels plus.
Andrew Clauer , Sat Jan 21, 2017
Ordered my angels a year ago, when received they were beautiful. Purchased medium Half Black, Koi and Black Angels. They are doing great, paired off, and laying eggs!
Luanne, Thu Jan 12, 2017
These are by far the most beautiful angels, I have the honor to own. I ordered one and received 2! The packaging and care guide shows the love and care given to these wonderful angels. Thank you!
Christine O'Roark, Thu Dec 29, 2016
My rusty blue koi are gorgeous and doing great! Their colors are beautiful. I'm so happy with how healthy they are and they were larger than I thought they would be too! I'm thrilled!
Joyce, Thu Nov 03, 2016
Steve, you are the man, My KOI pair(50% WIld and a female Super Vail tail are finally relaxing after two weeks and the 11 Select Juveniles are super healthy and growing. Thanks for the free juvenile. Packing and delivery was first class....
Brad Tuttle, Sat Jul 02, 2016
Just received the shipment this morning. The fish are in very good shape. The quality of the selected koi angels are as good as advertised! definitely recommend for others!
Tao He, Wed Jun 29, 2016
Just received shipment from Angels Plus. HR Veiltail kois, Pure beauties flown express mail to Guam in 3 days. Unbelievable, half way around the world. Will order more. Thank you Steve
Joe Imbat, Thu Jun 23, 2016
They were bigger than expected and I really appreciate the extra fish! I was really impressed with their color; these fish are the real deal. I am really looking forward to watching them grow. The thing I am most impressed with is their fin structure, these are really high quality fish. Best looking Angels I’ve ever seen. They have great appetites and vigorously attack their food.
Marcus Crisp, Mon Jun 20, 2016
My koi arrived healthy & looks great, I never can find these @ all in my local pet stores. Very pleased with angelfish plus & I will be back for more when I start my next tank.
Kevin smith, Fri Apr 29, 2016
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