Sunset Blushing Angelfish

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 Black Splash & Sunset AngelfishBlack Splash Angelfish
Black Splash and Sunset Juveniles in the above video.

Premium Sunset (Size: N) $16.75

Orange coverage on the Select level usually ranges from about 45% to 70% coverage. Most of these are 70% or more.  Some of the best we've every had.  Sunsets have a different color than Koi, and not as much of it.  The best sunset are never as intense colored as Koi.   They have no black markings. They are very beautiful, but many breeders like them because they cross so well into others strains. They make blacks darker, Marbles too. Koi that carry Gold will have less Black and Orange Marbles will often have more! When crossed into Wild-types or Zebra, you will produce fish with a greater tendency to have more of an orange look to areas in the upper body.

Sunsets are Gold Blushing that are selectively bred for more color. These Premiums are 30- 40%  orange.   The best Sunsets do not get as much color as the best Koi.  The complete lack of black makes them a very unique strain.  The orange is also a different shade than what a Koi usually obtains. 

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Gold is recessive and is an allele of Gold Marble, Marble and Dark. It enhances Black when found together. When combined with Marble it creates a very high contrast, black and white angelfish.

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