Mandarin Passion Discus

Above is the pair that produced the juveniles that are for sale.

We do not buy and re-sell discus. We raise our own in our disease-free hatchery. Tremendous work has gone into creating this pathogen-free environment. Discus have the great tendency to get bullied, get stressed, and then sit in a corner while parasites overcome them. Then at best, they grow very slowly and often they slowly starve to death. We've eliminated that problem. They all eat like pigs, since there are no parasites to overcome them.  A lot of people avoid discus because of their reputation for being difficult.  Not so, with discus that are disease-free. Our course, you have to keep them that way, so we highly recommend that you don't mix them with your fish from other sources. 

Above pair #124 is proven. We raised 4 spawns from them.

Mandarin Passion Pair #124 - $375.00

Above pair #120 is proven.

Mandarin Passion Pair #120 - $325.00

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