Black Angelfish

Juvenile Black Angelfish Juvenile Black Angelfish

We use to sell these as Double Darks, but since we can't be positive they all contain two Dark genes, we removed that portion from the name. They are just a dark as ever, and is the same line we've been perfecting for 30 years.

Medium Black Angelfish Medium Black Angelfish Medium Black Angelfish

Large Black Angelfish

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Black angelfish can have a variety of genetic makeups. Those with 2 doses (homozygous) for Dark are known as Double Dark Black. Double Dark Black angelfish come in a variety of flavors depending on what other genes are present that can affect the expression of pattern and color. Dark is a co-dominant gene. When homozygous (2 Dark genes at that location), the expression is usually a darker shade than when heterozygous (only one Dark gene at that location). There are exceptions, with some heterozygous Dark angelfish looking darker than some DD Blacks. There is a general misconception that the best Double Dark Blacks are pure, pitch-black. They are not. Shine a bright light on the side of any Black angelfish and you will see areas that are not as dark and patterns that may show through. It's just a matter of degree. Some are better than others and most can look very dark in the right tank. Keep in mind, the darker the fish, the more trouble they tend to give. Really dark Blacks are often slower growing, less fecund and more prone to trouble. Some lines will also tend to be more aggressive, though this is not a certainty.

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