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std - These have the Wide-Fin trait to various degress.

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Black angelfish can have a variety of genetic makeups. Those with 2 doses (homozygous) for Dark are known as Double Dark Black. Double Dark Black angelfish come in a variety of flavors depending on what other genes are present that can affect the expression of pattern and color. Dark is a co-dominant gene. When homozygous (2 Dark genes at that location), the expression is usually a darker shade than when heterozygous (only one Dark gene at that location). There are exceptions, with some heterozygous Dark angelfish looking darker than some DD Blacks. There is a general misconception that the best Double Dark Blacks are pure, pitch-black. They are not. Shine a bright light on the side of any Black angelfish and you will see areas that are not as dark and patterns that may show through. It's just a matter of degree. Some are better than others and most can look very dark in the right tank. Keep in mind, the darker the fish, the more trouble they tend to give. Really dark Blacks are often slower growing, less fecund and more prone to trouble. Some lines will also tend to be more aggressive, though this is not a certainty.

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I bought 6 of these last year. All of them have made it to breeder sized and eat blood worms from my hand. Their fins are beautiful and are happily hanging out in the 125g. These are so much better than any of the logs.
Nate, Sat May 07, 2016
Beautiful angelfish, arrived healthy, they don't look this good in the pet stores around me. If you want beautiful & healthy angelfish this is where to get them. Thanks angelfish plus.
Kevin smith, Fri Apr 29, 2016
Thanks for shipping me such nice fish. They are so much better than any I've been able to find!
Derrick Kenyon, Tue Feb 02, 2016
Outstanding, what great people to deal with and the DD Blacks are the best I have seen. Fish arrived in great shape, acclimated fish as per your instructions with no problems. You will be hearing from me again. Thanks

CAJ, Wed May 20, 2015
Absolutely perfect DD blacks! Very healthy and vigorous. I'm extremely impressed.
Jay Stueve, Sat May 09, 2015
I've never seen fish grow as fast as the ones I got from you guys. It's hard to believe how strong and sturdy these are.
Phil Rawlings, Thu Oct 23, 2014
I have bought many times from you guys and always love the fish. Where else can I get such beautiful fish without any chance of disease?
Jackie Howard, Tue Oct 14, 2014
The best fish I have ever received. Simply stunning!
Edward Collins, Fri Aug 22, 2014
I was bless to have purchase my fish from angel plus they were kind and friendly to me.If you are think about ordering fish you have my word,the fish are great and you'll be well please. My DD Black Angel and My Albino Angel are brilliant and thank you for my 2 gifts.
Robert Logan, Thu Mar 20, 2014
I couldn't be happier with the quality of blacks I received. Great shape and very dark.
N Rogers, Mon Mar 10, 2014
Magnificent double dark black angels! Just what we were hoping for. After acclimation in their new Canadian home they are doing brilliantly. We are looking forward to raising them up, pairing them off and raising some beautiful blacks of our own. Thanks Steve for the excellent product and all the help along the way.
Paul and Carolyn Butler, Sun Dec 22, 2013
I received the DD Black Angels I ordered this morning (Thanks for the extra fish, by the way). They were a bit cold but still swimming, and after warming and acclimating them to their new home, they perked up and are swimming together as a group and are investigating every nook and cranny in their new tank. They look healthy, as well as beautiful.
To say the least, I'm very happy with them.
Darrell Adams, Wed Nov 20, 2013
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