Albino Wildcross Angelfish - Some Pearlscale

Albino Silver Pearlscale
Albino Pearscale Angelfish Adult Albino Pearscale Angelfish Albino Pearscale eye color
Albino PearlscaleAlbino Wildcross

These are F2 50% wild-cross. Some of the non-pearls will carry pearl and produce some pearlscales.

Male wildcross - parent of these albinos for sale:

Albino Wildcross male

Medium Albino Wildcross (Size: SD)  Non-pearl, but some will carry pearl.

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Std Fin $19.75
Veil $21.75

Albino Expressing Pearlscale

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Std Fin Albino Pearlscale $23.75
Veil Albino Pearlscale $27.75

These are Albino Silvers, which means you can see the "reverse" stripes on the body. When you remove the black from a body stripe, you are left with white, hence the reverse "white" stripe. Both iris and pupil color are red. These breed true.

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Albino Angelfish: Keep in mind, that Albinos are easy to keep, but difficult fish to raise the new-swimming fry. Their eyesight is very poor the first few days of life, when feeding is critical.

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Got these Albino Veils yesterday. They were in excellent health, beautiful pearls & long perfect fins! Acclimated very quickly! Great job! Thanks!
Paul C Valenti, Sat Oct 25, 2014
These are probably my favorites, and my wife likes them too.Yay!
Bright silver/white with lots of pearl and nice long fins.
They are active, hungry and beautiful
Thanks AngelsPlus.
Rod Dietrich, Sat Jun 21, 2014
The Albinos I just received are the most beautiful fish I've ever seen! I hope I can get a pair and spawn them.
Neal Ward, Tue Jun 03, 2014
I got albinos on several shipment from other breeders, but the one from Angelsplus are the first ones I got with straight pointed fins. And boy do they eat!
Anthony Browne, Wed Sep 04, 2013