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Hornwort Live Aquatic Plants

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Hornwort (~ 2 cups of plants)  $4.75

If you do not add Winter Shipping to the order, it will be cancelled and not shipped.

Winter Shipping:  If you do not add the winter shipping to the order containing plants ($5.75), we will not ship it. It only needs to be added once per order. It includes insulation and a heat pack. 

If night-time temps are below 20F, it is not safe to order, even with Winter Shipping Added.  

Hornwort : This floating plant is in most of our lighted tanks. It is a very rapid grower and has all of the positive characteristics of duckweed - it grows very rapidly, which means it's removing nitrates and phosphates at a high rate. It's a water purifier. It also helps slow or eliminated algae growth.

  • Caution: Please be sure the weather is appropriate before ordering. We pack them well, but they will not handle freezing conditions or extreme heat for long.
  • Try to order when they won't travel over a weekend.
  • Choose an appropriate shipping method and weather before ordering them. Priority Mail is generally faster than Ground - sometimes much faster.  Ground shipping to the other side of the  country is not a good idea.
  • Our plants may have ramshorn snails or their eggs on them. It is also very common for bits of duckweed to tag along with the other plants.

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Real Live Plants These are grown in our disease free tanks, so are safe to put into any of your aquariums. If you want these to go out in a fish order then order them through the Fish Store, however plants will add a lot to the cost of shipping when sent by Overnight carrier.

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I received a huge amount of very green healthy hornwort. Great deal.
Jim Isaman, Mon Aug 25, 2014
Just recieved the hornwort I ordered and I was amazed to see how much angels plus gave me. I was expecting a small bag of plants but it was a MASSIVE amount for a low price!! Can't get any better than Angels Plus! Thanks again for a smooth transaction!
Joey Stancavage, Wed Oct 02, 2013